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An Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) has been established in the college as per the norms framed by NAAC

   It includes four basic elements of an Internal Quality Assurance System:

  1. Monitoring Instruments to keep track of our performance and actions by collecting the following data:-
    - Student progress.
    - Pass rates and dropout rates.
    - Outcomes of the structured feedback from employers.
    - Outcomes of the structured feedback from Alumni.
  2. Evaluation Instruments: Evaluation by different stakeholders to be a continuous and regular activity in the institution. It has the following components.
    - Students Evaluation
    - Faculty and Staff Evaluation
    - Course and Curriculum Evaluation
    - Research Evaluation
    - Service Evaluation
  3. Special Quality Assurance Processes having the following elements:
    Quality assurance of student for specific activities assessments.
    Quality assurance of Staff.
    Quality assurance of facilities.
    Quality assurance of student support.
  4. Specific Instruments for Quality Assurance:
    - SWOT Analysis
    - Inter-collegial audits and
    - Information System