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Principal's Message

It is my proud privilege to welcome you all to this prestigious and premier college of education in the region. I am sure your association with Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College of Education shall go a long way in developing your profession competencies as an effective teacher.

It is now widely accepted that education has emerged as the most powerful tool which can play pivotal role in bringing social, economical and political Transformations in the country. Education means the development of knowledge, multifarious skills and the attitude of a learner. The relationship between the humans and knowledge is beautifully symbolized by the new UGC logo.

                                                                 “Gyan Vigyan Vimuktye”

Undoubtedly, it is the knowledge that liberates the humans and it is humans that create knowledge.

It is a great tribute to our visionary former Prime-Minister Late Sh. Rajiv Gandhi that he could foresee the forthcoming revolution in information and communication technology and therefore initiated bold and significant decisions for its development. Thus, our education has now become information and knowledge related and it is therefore, imperative that student teachers enrolled in the institution are given sufficient exposure to the use of ICT. Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College of Education is now equipped with a well maintained, internet connected hi-tech. Computer Laboratory with latest P-IV dual core systems. It has been rightly said that library is the soul of an institution as well as the hub of academic activities from which knowledge flows to quench the thirst of a curious and probing mind. Thus it is our endeavor to continuously update the college library by adding text books, reference books, books, by foreign authors, periodicals and Journals on Teacher education. The college library has now been fully automated so that students & teachers have an easy access to the required book. Besides, We focus on planning the outreach and extension activities to ensure that our student teachers interact with community around us and the issues that confront a common man.

I am sure, Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College of Education shall March ahead by adhering to the highest standard of academic excellence and producing professional teachers with a missionary zeal to serve the society in shaping the bright future of its children.

Dr. G.P. Sachdev


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