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In accordance with the curriculum framework of quality teacher education brought out by the NCTE in 1998, the college considers the development of new competencies and skills among the students as given in the following:-

  1. Cultivate national thinking, scientific temper and positive attitude towards children.
  2. Develop interest and skills for undertaking research in different forms.
  3. To inculcate among them a sense of value judgment, value commitment and value transmission.
  4. Enable teachers to get act as agents of modernization and social change.
  5. Develop among them the capabilities needed for performing their legitimate role in challenges faced by a fast changing society.
  6. Promote among teachers the managerial and organizational skills required between in the contemporary educational contexts of the country.
  7. Make teachers aware of the environmental and ecological problems faced by the societies and enable them to work out suitable solutions through education.
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